Cable Restraint Course

I took my cable restraint course yesterday.

They gave me one cable restrain (we used them to make some sets out in the field for the instructors to look at to see how well we set them up), a manual on cable restraints, the pa hunting trapping digest (like I did not get one when I got my license), and a temporary card saying I completed the course that is good for 90 days (it might have been 60 I forget). The game commission is supposed to issue a replacement card for my temporary card. It cost $15 to take the course (the course is mandatory if I want to use cable restraints). It went from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, while four hours my seem like a long time, the time passed rather quickly.

I missed four questions on my test (but I still passed), but I think would have done better if I had enough time to read the manual they gave me. I guess maybe if I have showed up before 9:00 am instead of 9:01 am I would have had time to look it over.

After the course a guy demonstrated trapping with steel traps (this has nothing to do with the course). One of the sets he showed was a hay/straw bale put out in a field by itself. Then you put your trap next to the bale, spread some straw from the bale over the dirt spot, where your trap is, so that is looks like it just kind of fell out of the bale. Next you dig a hole (like a dirt hole set up) under the bale in front of your trap. Put some bait/scent or some thing down the hole, and dribble some fox or coyote urine on the bale above the hole.

A tree stand scouting trip

Today I went out looking at trees for a place to hang a tree stand. I found two possible places but I have only one tree stand, so I guess I will have to choose. One spot is on the edge of a field right by a White Oak tree with acorns all around on the ground. The other spot is on a deer trail (about 75yds or so from the first spot) within sight of a fresh buck rub (the only rub I have seen so far this year). The best thing is that when I was looking at these spots that I spooked out a deer in the brush between these two spots! Although I was not able to see if it had any antlers it was alone making a strong case for it being a buck.

To tie my posts together the two spots I am considering for the tree stand is about 200yds+ (or so as I am not the best at estimation of distant) of where I told about seeing eight bucks in a field.