My Fur season Total

Well, my second trapping season is over. I did better than last year I actually caught something this year!
Using 15 sets (8 steel traps, 7 cable restraints) I caught:
1 Red fox
1 Grey fox
1 raccoon
5 possums

2 rabbits
2 squirrels

On Saturday, I am planning on going to a fur auction to sell my fur. From the prices that I have heard I do not think I am going to break even this year, but maybe with the fur prices rising, in the future I will be able to.

Frozen Traps

Last Friday night was a good night for trapping foxes. There were fox prints by four of my sets, one set of foot prints right on the top of my trap at a dirt hole set. Unfortunately I caught no fox, why? Because my trap was frozen into the ground. Two of the fox prints had been by some of my cable restraints (which thankfully do not freeze up!) But I did not get anything in those either. Judging from the prints the fox had started to go on the trail the cable restraint was on, but went the other direction instead. Then in the other cable restraint set I think the fox went through a small gap I had left next to the cable restraint instead of through the cable restraint (I fixed the gap after seeing that.)

Well, I am pretty sure I have my traps set in good locations so all I can do is keep checking my traps, and wait for the next night when the fox come out. Maybe I’ll get one then!