The Last And Best Day of 2008’s Spring Turkey Season

Turkey season is now over, but I had a very good last day. On the morning of the last day, I walked into the woods on an ATV trail to a spot near the area where I had spent the last Saturday hunting. After almost reaching the field, I set up next to the ATV tail. Because of the short ranges of the open areas near by me, I decided not to set up my decoy.

Around 7:30 am I heard a gobble about 200 yards away, so I answered him with my mouth call. Then the next time he gobbled he sounded a little closer. As before I answered him, but when I did I heard some other sound, but it did not register in my mind what it was. Then another gobble sounded out and as I answered I heard that sound again — it was a hen, but it was between me and the gobbler! I remembered how that some times if you copy a hen it will get worked up so much that it will come in to try to find you, some times towing the gobbler in behind it. So I start calling doing just what the hen did. This cared on for quite awhile, and as time went on I started thinking how much the hen sounded like another hunter using a box call. That thought worried me, because if it was another hunter, we were probably both over calling which would scare the gobbler away. After thinking that, I quit calling and so did the hen. Awhile later I started hearing the sounds of something walking in the woods, soon two turkeys appeared. The combination of 50 yards and the thick woods made it impossible to tell if either of the turkeys had beards. A few clucks from my mouth call made the lead turkey stop in its tracks and stare me down for a minute of two, after which it just mozied on, not paying any more attention to me. They proceeded to walk past me and go behind me purring as they went

A good while after the turkeys were gone I decided to walk in the direction of were I had heard a faint gobble, I set up but never heard anything more. After walking in a big circle I came back to where had I started out in the morning. Instead of having some one pick me up in a car, I decided that with a half hour left till noon and the end of turkey season I might as well walk home. On my very hot walk (1 mile+) home I jumped one deer in the edge of the woods by a field, I did not see if it was growing any antlers or not.

Spring turkey season is now over, but I look forwards to next year with more knowledge on hunting them.

Seeing and hearing turkeys

Well, the past to days have been good hunting days compared to the rest of turkey season.

Yesterday morning when I was walking through a field, I looked ahead of me and saw three red necks sticking out of the grass, at about 100 yards away from me, and running fast. So I set up in the field hiding in the edge of some tall grass with my decoy out in front of me in the open. After waiting awhile I did some calling with both my box call and mouth call, but to no avail. I heard no answering gobble nor did I see anymore turkeys.

This morning I went out into the same field, but this time I stayed in the woods by the field moving very slowly and calling as I went. After setting up at a couple different trees I found a tree with a nice view. After sitting there for awhile, I heard what I think might have been a turkey shock gobbling at some crows in the distance. Then right after that there was a gobble in close — closer than all season. He sounding like he was around 300 yards away (kind of hard to tell though). I tried calling some, but he never answered. Later on in the morning I heard a couple of really distant gobble in a walkable direction. So I started walking that direction some so that I could get in close enough for the turkey to have a chance to get to me by noon time. The turkey never gobbled again though, so I just sat a by a tree to decided where to go next with about 1 1/2 hours left till noon. Suddenly this deer came running out of a fence row, and into the woods in front of me. Next time I called the deer came out from behind a tree about 20 yards away from me. It focused all it’s eye and ear power on me for an instant then bonded off with a snort. It kind of surprised that it was able to identify me in such a short time (unless it had caught a good smell of me), because I was dressed in full camouflage except for an orange hat. Hmm, maybe deer are not color blind after all!

A turkey but not a Gobbler

Well, I Finally saw a turkey last Saturday, but before I get to that allow me explain the cat picture. This is Coconut my cat, She is a great mouse and chipmunk hunter, but most of the time She just hunts the food in her dish. But last Saturday morning She decided to take up bigger game — turkeys.

When I exited my house on Saturday morning and started into some woods where Coconut met me. I reached down and gave her head a quick scratch, but as I walked on she started following me. All the way though the patch of woods and through a field to a pine tree which I set up under. Coconut sat down on opposite side of the tree, and stayed there with me the whole time through all the rain. I did at least hear a few gobbles, but they were way out in the distance.

After going back to the house and eating breakfast and getting dried out, I went back out (minus my furry friend) to the area were I thought the gobbles might have been coming from. As I was walking through a swampy area (not more than 100 yards away from where I got my Grey fox) a turkey suddenly jumped up just three steps away from me and flew off. Of course it made sure to keep its body facing away from me so as to not allow me to identify whether or not it had a beard. Looking down I saw a nest with about nine or so speckled eggs in it. Since there was no reason to try calling the turkey in after seeing the nest I moved on to the next hilltop.

Despite the fact that I did not get to see a gobbler, I had an excellent hunting day. It was the first time I have ever seen a wild turkey nest before, and it had to be the closest I have ever been to a live wild turkey before too.

Today I went out hunting again in the field above where the hen is nesting (I figure there has to be a tom around there some where), but I never heard anything. Maybe today was just one of those days when they just do not gobble any.