Getting Ready For Trapping

Even though trapping season started last Sunday, still did not have my traps ready. So, today I boiled my traps in Black Walnut hull juice (to dye them black) then waxed them (to keep rust away). Hopefully some day next week I will get out and get some set. There is field of standing corn that I want to give trapping the edge a try to see if I can get some raccoon.

Got out rabbit hunting

I took my dog out rabbit hunting, she jumped out a rabbit two different times for me to shoot. I carried a Remington 870 16 gauge shot gun. The smaller rabbit I actually did not think I hit, but my dog found it partially hidden under the leaves for me. That is one aspect of hunting with a rabbit dog that I had never really thought about before. I was glad to have her so that the meat did not go to waste.

The larger rabbit I shot twice rolling it. Then later on in the day when the smaller rabbit jumped out of a woods line, safety off, I fired, it swerved back towards the woods, safety on, it swerved back out, safety off, fired, back into the woods, safety on. That was probably on of the more interesting hunting shots I have every made with the safety going on/off some many times and some how I even managed to get the rabbit!

Third day of muzzleloading season

This evening I took my flintlock out to watch a field, I spooked about a 4-point buck, then towards at 6:30 I saw two antlerless deer come out. I guessed them to be at a long 100yard. Being greedy I aimed for the bigger of the two deer which was also about 10yards farther away. Puff. I picked the touch hole reprimed it then tried again. This time my flint did not make a good spark. On my third try I got a nice BOOM with a big cloud of smoke covering my view. Then I saw one deer going into the woods. Then I saw a second one going more slowly into the woods. After reloading I went and checked the field and woods for blood, but did not see any. I walked the distance off as being 120yards, which might explain the miss. So, I decided that after poking around woods I probably would not see to much more so I started walking for home. About 500yards later and one fence row up I jumped three deer. However, they where to far to identify, definitely to far to shoot at, and running to fast.

First day of muzzleloader season

On the first day of muzzleloader season I ventured out into the rain a little before 7 o’clock with my flintlock rifle. After it was starting time I started still hunting into the woods. About two hours later and 200 yards I saw a deer standing about 75 yards away through the branches watching me. The top of its head was a little hard to see through the branches so I could not identify it as an antlerless deer. So, I held my fire and after a few more seconds it spooked then I saw that it was indeed and antlerless deer, but it was to late to fire. Shortly after it spooked a second deer came into view with its tail up and running. I was not able to tell for sure what the second deer was.