Last Day of 2012 Fall Muzzleloader Season

Well, last Saturday I spent most of the day in the woods hunting the last day of the October Muzzleloader season here in Pennsylvania.

In the morning I saw a small buck. In the afternoon I jumped a deer in some brush, but could not get a good look at in. Then when I was driving home after dark I saw three does in a field not to far from where I had been hunting.

Despite the rain on Saturday when I fired my gun on Sunday it went off quite nicely. I give credit to the poor-man’s cow’s-knee a zip-lock plastic back over my lock. It worked.

October Muzzleloader Season

Last Saturday I had a fun opener for the October Muzzleloader season.

I spooked two deer in the morning as I was walking into a field. They were in the woods before I got a chance to really look at them though.

Later in the day I hunted a wooded area that had been mined in the past leaving behind hills and ravines. Later in the afternoon as I walk down to a ravine I saw a deer standing broadside to me at about 100 yards on the opposite side. It was just far enough away that I could not quite make out its head for sure, so it ended up running away before I got a shot at it.

Rut Starting

Here in Washington county where I live now the rut must be just coming in.

Today driving into work I saw a nice buck. I also saw three does in the parking lot at work. Then tonight I saw two more bucks. I see a few deer from time to time, but the high number of bucks is unusual.

Muzzleloader season begins this Saturday even though it is antlerless only I’m looking forwards to it.