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First Day Of Pennsylvania Flintlock Muzzleloader Season

I had a nice start to the season today. I jumped two smaller antler-less deer from their beds this morning, but was not close enough for a shot. Then tonight when I was walking on a trail in the same area I spooked a lone deer. The deer did not instantly run, but it was about 100 yards away and through the woods; so no shot. I feel like the lone deer had a high probability of being a buck, but I was not able to see its head.

Are Sabots Allowed In The Second Pennsylvania Muzzleloader Season?

I just got a question from a reader asking if sabots are allowed in Pennsylvania’s second muzzleloader season (which just opened today).

The answer is that in the second muzzleloader season sabots are allowed. There was a time when it was roundball only, but a few years ago they changed it to allow other projectiles. So, this means you can use either projectile. When picking the projectile be sure to match it to your barrel twist for maximum accuracy. Below is quoted from page 45 of the hunting digest.

Flintlock Muzzleloader Season: Flintlock ignition, single-barrellong gun, 44 caliber or larger, or 50 caliber or larger handgun, usingsingle projectile ammunition. It is unlawful to use telescopic sights.Peep sights are permitted.

First Day Of 2010 Antlerless Season In 2D

Well, I made it home from college this weekend for the first day of antlerless season here in WMU 2D.

At about 10:00 I heard a sound to my right by the edge of the field where I was sitting. Turning my head I saw an antlerless deer skip back into the woods.

Later in the morning I hear a shot nearby. Soon I saw lone deer running in the field in front of me about 200 yards away. I cranked my scope magnification way up and brought my gun up. As I found the deer in the scope it turned and started running straight towards me. I saw that it was an anterless deer just as a roll in the field hid it from view. A few seconds later it reappeared about 50 yards away running fast right at me. My sight picture due to the high magnification became blurred, so realizing it would only get worse I fired. Then the deer started veering of to its right as I fired another poorly aimed shot. With the deer at about 20 yards now I realize the scope is not helping me any. So, I look through the see through scope mounts at my open sights, however, the deer now reaches the woods and I can not track it. I checked for blood and found none and looked around in the woods for awhile.  Nothing. Dispute the blurred sight picture I had really felt like the first shot I made was a good shot, but it seems it was not. The deer was coming straight on at me if I had hit it the bullet would have done a lot of damage traveling the length of the deer. So, I am sure I fully missed the deer.

A little before noon today I saw a group of three deer running about 800 yards away. Later this evening two of my brothers and I put on a drive in that area. My Father and other brother who were watching saw the three deer soon after we started the drive. My Father fired one shot instantly killing a mature doe. The other two deer, which must have been its fawns, ran off in. A short time later one of the deer returned and looked at the doe, which gave my brother, who was watching, a shot. He fired knocking the deer over. It stood itself up and stumbled off. My Father said that it looked like a solid hit. When my two other brothers and I arrived, however, we could not find and blood from the deer.  We searched for a couple hours trying to find that deer, but with only a partial snow on the ground we were only able to track it a short ways.

It was a busy day today. It has been awhile since I last saw this many deer during deer season. I had a great day–its to bad though that we were not able to recover that deer

Third Day Of October Muzzleloader Season

A good day of hunting today; I saw 5 turkeys, 6 grouse, and 2 deer. One of the deer was about a 4 point buck and would have given the nicest shot ever had it been an anlterless deer. The other deer I saw just before quitting time running away as I left the woods, I was not able to identify it. All of the grouse but one I saw when they flushed, the last one I saw before it flushed all puffed up with its tail fanned out.

I had two deer cross in front of me on the road on the way home in the truck. One was a small antlerless deer, but the other was a buck, a very very big buck, however, the ground where both of them were at is posted ground for a private hunting club.

Fall break ended for me today so its off to college tomorrow. Hopefully, I will make it home for a Friday evening and Saturday hunt before the season ends.

First Day Of October Muzzleloader Season

I had a good start to Muzzleloader Season. At about 7:30 AM three antlerless deer came out of the woods and started moving towards me as they were feeding. One of them finally stopped about 17 yards away from me presenting a shot between a couple trees. I took the shoot with my flintlock and had great ignition and had a solid hand when the gun fired; I felt sure I had made a hit on this deer. I took time to clean the barrel good with a wet patch and a few dry ones and then reloaded. Then I walked to the spot where the deer had been standing and was unable to find any blood or hair. My bullet had left a trace on the ground on beyond the deer so I think I made clean miss. Later that day I looked around the area where the deer had headed for after I shot and still did not find anything, so I am convinced I missed.

Later that day when I walking through some brush I saw a buck; probably had about 5 or 6 points. A few minutes later I saw an antlerless deer that seemed like it might have been a button buck, however, it did not present me with a shot.

On the plus side at the end of the day when I fired my gun, to empty it again, it went off without hesitation. Since I am on fall break from college I have Monday and Tuesday to try again! So, I am really looking forwards to spending some more time in the woods!

First Week Of Pennsylvania Flintlock Season

Well, this first week of PA Rocklock Season has been interesting. The first Saturday I shot at an antlerless deer, but missed. Since last Saturday I have not seen a deer, however, I have been seeing deer tracks most of the days I have been out. One day I even heard a deer when I jumped it from its bed. Its been a cold and snowy week, but quite fun. Hopefully I’ll get another chance at a deer next week.