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Uberti Remington 1875 Replica — Replacing Ejector Pin

Remington 1875 Replica

The other day on my Remington 1875 replica the ejector pin snapped off the ejector handle. I was only able to find that part for this gun two places online: and It turns out that taylorsfirearms was about $4 cheaper and the shipping was the same so I bought it from them.

Sadly, neither stores sold a nickle plated version of the ejector rod/nut so now my gun has a black one. I also replaced my main cylinder pin because of a mod I did a while back to make it easier to come out, which ended up making it too easy to come out in the long run.

Above the gun is leaning on my case of Winchester gunsmithing punches. They came in handy because of the nylon punches which took good care of the finish.

Really the black does not look too bad.

A couple handy tips I learned while replacing these parts.

The underrib under the barrel gave me the hard time coming off. The secret is that there is a pin that enters the frame of the gun in parallel to the barrel. So to remove the underrib you have to first unscreen the screw at the point of the underrib then you have to gently tap downwards on it away from the frame until you can wedge a screw driver in there to pry it out the rest of the way.

The second thing I learned is that my Craftsman impact driver could work very nicly to break screws lose. Originally, when I first took the screw out of the underrib I remember having a very hard time with it. I’ve seen a gunsmithing tool that is a screw driver you tap with a hammer I’m thinking that the impact driver if used very carefully could work just as well.

Other than the finish the fit of the parts from TayorsFirearms was pretty good. I did notice the cylinder pin was a tiny bit shorter and the fingernail catch at the end was smaller. Right now though it seems to work fine. I do worry though that I will have troubles getting it out, without a screwdriver to pry on it, after putting some rounds of blackpowder through the gun again. If it gets to be super hard to get out I might take it out and put in the old pin some day. We will see how it goes.

The time it took for me two do the job was about 45 minutes to disassemble and maybe 30 minutes to put back together. I’ve had the gun apart a few times though so I pretty much knew what I was doing and I also had all of the screws already broke free. On the otherhand, I was enjoying myself and was not in a rush.

Well, hopefully I get in some shooting this weekend.

New Deals Site for Hunters and Fishers Plus Promo Code!

BuckStoneCreek is a new website like for hunters and fishers. They offer items at discount for a limited time, aka a “flash sale.”

In an email interview I did with founder Michael Land, he said they are “currently…working with about 30 brands” in the hunting and fishing industry and they are “adding new ones every week.” The concept behind a “flash sale”  is its a way for companies to advertise their products and to gain brand recognition. It’s almost like Sam’s Club giving out samples of food in hopes that you will buy more food in the future. In fact the concept was originally called a “sample sale.”

One thing you will notice immediately when you go to is you can’t see the products they currently have for sale unless you sign up for a free membership. I asked Michael about this and he said that “discounts…often violate Minimum Advertised Price or MAP requirements established by brands.” Essentially, by being a “closed” site they can “avoid MAP requirements.”

I’m a bit a of security nut when it comes to giving out my email address to anyone. As a test, I often create addresses on my domain-name that I can tie to the organization I give it to. Given BuckStoneCreek’s closed policy I was a little wary giving them my email address right off the bat. Today I looked at the tracked address I gave BuckStoneCreek when I signed up for an account on September 18th, 2012. They have not sold my email address to date and their founder has said they “never will.” Since signing up I have only received a weekly email from them announcing their latest items for sale. Of course,  that was the point of signing up for an account in the first place. The emails they send comply with the CAN-SPAM act in that they included a way to unsubscribe at the bottom of the email. Also when I log into my account online I can see they have an easy to find way to mange email alerts.

Anyway, the real question is, if you sign up for an account will they really have anything on sale at a decent price? The site says it sells items at 50-80% off retail price so I requested some past sales information from Michael. I took a sampling of the data he gave me and focused on the price differences between BuckStoneCreek and Cabela’s. Here are the results:

Product BuckStoneCreek Cabela’s Amount Saved
 Morrell Combo Target $59.99 $99.99 $40
 Vanguard Spirit Plus Binoculars 8x36mm $125.99 $219.99 $94
 Hunter Safety System Ultra Lite-EXTREME Harness $79.99 $119.99 $40
 Hunter Safety System Tree Stand Life Line $24.99 $44.99 $20

So that gives an average of around 40% off when compared to Cabela’s. To be fair BuckStoneCreek’s claim is for retail price and this is a small sample size. However, beating Cabela’s price consistently like this says something. In a few other instances, BuckStoneCreek beat prices on sites like WalMart and Gander Mountain by as much as 70%. Prices like these show their site is heading in a direction that meets their goal.

Shipping is where most shopping sites kill you. To check I took a look at what BuckStoneCreek charged to ship their “Hunter Safety System Tree Stand Life Line.” Shipping would have cost $7.99 for a single item and five of them would have cost $19.99, so shipping seems average and certainly not a killer.

After trying for over a month, I would say that it is a site worth watching if you are into hunting or fishing. According to their founder, “you won’t find items they feature cheaper anywhere else.” Even if they don’t have something you want now, you may find something good down the road.

During my interview with Michael, he offered to make available a unique coupon code only available to the readers of When you enter huntingpa72 you will get and additional 10% off your first order. Sign up at

Youth Hunter Appreciation Night at Lancaster Barnstormers on August 31, 2010

Thought this might be of interest to anyone living near Lancaster.


The Lancaster County Barnstormers and the Pennsylvania Game Commission are partnering to provide fans of both sports, and particularly their children, a unique opportunity at Clipper Magazine Stadium on August 31, 2010.  Gates will open at 5 p.m. for those children, ages 8-16, wanting to participate in the bow and arrow activities. Regular gates open at 5:30 p.m. and game time is 6:30 p.m. The Barnstormers will be providing excitement on the field as they play the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs and staff from the Pennsylvania Game Commission will offer a variety of hands-on free clinics where kids can try their hand at international-style target archery or laser-shot and beam-hit shooting simulators. The archery range will be set up in the outfield prior to the game. The shooting simulator ranges will be conducted both prior to and during the game. These activities are designed to teach safe and effective shot selection and marksmanship fundamentals.


But wait, this deal gets even better. If you buy your ticket online through the Lancaster Barnstormers ticket outlet, $4 from your ticket for a $10 field box seat will be donated to the Lancaster Federated Sportsmen to help support its annual Youth Field Day and Conservation Camp. The key to earmarking part of your ticket price for Lancaster County youth hunters and conservationists is using the word “HUNTER” when you purchase your ticket online. Here’s how you do it: Go to the Lancaster Barnstormers e-Tickets ,enter the word “Hunter” as your “group log-in.” Then choose and purchase your ticket(s).

Another Sighting Of The Radio Collared Buck

Today on the way to work  I had to stop for a deer that crossed in front of me on the road. Then another deer started to cross destined for my car grill until it suddenly veered away from the road. That deer had a radio collar on it with antlers that were at least a “Y” with another possible point starting to grow.  This, I think, is the same buck I saw during turkey season since the spot he tried to cross is less then a 1/4 mile from where I saw him before.

The buck still has time to grow his antlers–all he needs is two more points on one side to become a legal buck this fall.

Went to Cabela’s Today

Today my family drove down to visit the Cabela’s store in Wheeling, West Virginia. I did not buy anything, but I still think it was worth the trip down just to see it.

They have a very nice fish aquarium with many different types fish like bass, catfish, sunfish, and turtles among many others. They also had a very nice decorations for the tanks with trees and even a sunken row boat.

When it comes to their animal mounts it was very impressive–they had a very large room devoted entirely to head and full body deer mounts. In addition, they have a slightly smaller room with a collection of African full body game mounts; included an elephant. Somehow even though I have seen live elephants at the zoo I never really saw how huge they really are! And the Cape Buffalo, they have such a broad chest! To some extent I think it was better than going to a zoo, since I was able to get so close to these monsters. Finally, in the center of the store they have a mountain set up with more deer, goats, bear, and raccoon among others.

I spent most of my visit staring at the stuffed animals, but I did glance around the store itself some. They seem to have a dazzling array of products, but I was a little disappointed in their muzzleloader accessories collection I think a very small sporting goods store not far from me has as good or better selection. As to muzzleloading guns they did seem to have quite a few sidelocks even a Brown Bess.

All in all I had fun and enjoyed the visit.

Dog Shoots Owner In Back While Hunting

According to an article on United Press International’s website a California duck hunter was shot in the back. The dog accidentally discharged the shotgun while the hunter went to retrieve some duck decoys. The No. 2 shot traveled 15 feet striking the hunter in the upper left back. The Merced County Sheriff’s office said that the hunter has been treated and released from the Los Banos Memorial Hospital.

This is funny to think about that the dog would some how randomly fire the guy’s shotgun when it just happened to be pointing at the hunter, but I think there is a very important safety lesson to be learned here. That is to treat any gun as if it might go off at any time. On a forum where I first heard about this many of the users on there were telling about other occurrences where a hunting dog had accidentally fired a loaded gun that was put on the ground. So, I think it would be wise to be extra cautious when handling guns around dogs.

The New HuntingPA.INFO

Well, Google’s blogger is no longer going to support FTP blogs. So, I have switched over to wordpress and am so far quite impressed with it. All my old posts and user submitted comments were transferred to this new blog so everything that used to be on this site is still here you just have to look for it.

How To Keep A Flintlock Working In Bad Weather

This past season has taught me a few things about keeping my gun working when hunting on cold and snowy days.

Beating the cold:
If you do not unload your muzzleloader every day at the end of your hunt never allow your gun to warm up once it gets cold. The reason is you will get condensation in your barrel meaning you will have black powder + water = a gun that will not go off when you have your sights lined up on dinner.

Beating the rain:
Rain is probably one of the toughest things to deal with when it comes to flintlocks. A simple solution that is non-traditional, but works is to put a plastic sandwich bag over your lock. The traditional method would be to use a cows-knee which is pretty much a leather bag that goes around the lock. While I have never used a cows-knee I have heard that they work quite well. Another method that some people use is to put some sort of grease around the outside of the pan in such a way that the water cannot flow into the pan. Sometimes the grease method might be used in conjunction with one of the other methods which I would imagine would work quite nicely.

Unfortunately when it is raining there is also moisture in the air which well wet your priming powder. The solution for this is to simply check your priming powder every so often and change it when ever you think it needs changed. The tough part about this is that it can be a challenge to put new priming powder in without getting it wet while it is pouring rain out. Another thing that you can do that will help your priming powder last longer is to use a larger grain size. Sure 4F lights fast, but it also has more surface area to collect moisture so when there is humidity in the air you might want to use some 3F instead. Even 2F powder can be used in pan–that is what I use when hunting simply because it is what I have in my powder horn.

When ever it has been rainy out, or for whatever reason you suspect you gun might not fire, it is always a good idea to empty your gun whether you shoot, pull, or blow the load out, because you do not want to miss a shot because your powder was not dry.

Beating The Snow:
Snow is a little different than rain, because if it is a light fluffy snow it is not wet at all so you have no moisture problem in your pain right? Not unless you are removing your load after every hunt and bringing the gun inside. The trouble is when you take that warm gun out into the cold the snow hitting the gun will melt into water. So to keep your pan dry you have to tuck your lock under your arm or keep it covered with your hands (a cows-knee or plastic bag would work much better here). Now your body heat will keep your lock warm and the snow will keep melting and possibly you will get water in the pan. The better way of doing this is to put your gun outside out of the snow about an hour or so before you hunt begins. Now the snow will not melt when it lands on your gun and it will fall off when you turn the gun upside down. This works provided the snow is not a wet snow if it is a wet snow you will still have to cover the pan.

Final Week Of Pennsylvania Flintlock Season

On the final day of the season I jumped two antlerless deer that were about 150yards away so I passed on that shot. I think the deer were the same two that early on in the week I had jumped about 30 yards away. I tried for a shot that time, but my flint broke so I my gun never went off. That day I also saw two maybe three deer in an area that has solid woods for at least 1/3 mile around. Those deer saw me first though and were a good 200 yards away by the time I saw them.

Even though I am lacking a deer I had a good two weeks of hunting and look forwards to next years rocklock season. It seems like every time you go out you come back with something new learned about the animal’s tracks or habits, so this season was in that sense very successful for me.