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Crossbows Legal In 2009-10 Archery Deer And Bear Season

When I was browsing the PGC’s website today I found this:


The Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners today gave final approval to expand the lawful use of crossbows to include both the archery deer and bear seasons for the 2009-10 seasons…”

Awhile back I had heard they were going to try to get crossbows approved and now it seems they did. While shooting with a crossbow would probably be more consistent it will still not be quite the same as rifle with a scope, because “magnifying scopes” will be prohibited on bows and crossbows during deer and bear archery seasons.

Another change the board approved was to stop the use of crossbows during muzzleloader season. “…also would remove the lawful use of crossbows during the October muzzleloader or late flintlock muzzleloader season…”

The full article and more detailed information can be found on the PGC’s site here.

The First Day

Well, last Saturday (sept 29) was the first day of archery season. So I dragged myself out of bed a 5:10 AM, ate a bowl of corn checks and started the long walk. When I say long walk I do not mean 100 yards I mean a little OVER 1/2 mile. As I walked into a field, the same field as the one I saw the deer in the previous post, I saw the silhouettes of two “things” up above me in the moon light. While I have no idea of what these two silhouettes where they very well may have been two deer.

So I continued on walking through the field to my tree stand. After walking past the tail in the woods leading to my tree stand, I crashed through the brush to find the trail. After finding the trail by moon light and an LED flash light, I soon came to my tree stand and safely got into it in the dark. Now in my tree stand and starting time just about there I was all set for the deer to come. If only I had not alerted all the deer in a 20 mile radius by crashing through the brush.

As day light came I saw a either a raccoon or a porcupine walking along. Then I saw millions of robins playing in the trees flying back an forth from tree to tree. Then a little before 11:00 AM my cellphone rang, good thing I had it on vibrate, of course not wanting to talk and scare all of the deer away I did not answer. It was my Mother I later found out wanting to see if I was all right and not lying dead on the ground because I caught pneumonia and fell out of my tree stand.

Since it was getting towards noon time I decided to come down and go home.

I went out again in the evening, but all I saw was a ground hog. I saw another hunter to who stood up right in front of me. Wow does camo work good I never even saw him tell he moved!

Well, I despite not really seeing any deer I had a good first day of archery hunting. Maybe I’ll get some thing some other day!