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Last Day Of PA Rifle Season

What a day! My Father, three brothers, and I all started the last day of deer by putting on two drives at SGL.105. We saw quite a few other hunters, but the drives produced no deer. At noon we decided to give someplace else a try. One of my brothers left for home which then left us four people to work with. After arriving at our next hunting place my longest Brother, who just started hunting this year, and I set up watching a power-line. Then my Father and other Brother drove the hillside that was below the power line.

After waiting for a while my brother says “deer”–I looked across the power-line into the woods and sure enough there were deer. Before going out onto the power-line the deer stopped about 100 yards away. I put my scope on one of the deer and could see its head, kindof, thinking I better wait just in case I held off. It soon to a few steps and I confirmed that it was an anterless deer. For the first time this deer season my Remington 760 30-06 spoke. The deer ran down hill away from the other deer then made a u-turn and came back up and crossed the power-line. My brother said “Can I shoot?” Between shots I somehow managed a “yes.” To which he responded with one shot from his 30-30 at the deer. Then after crossing the power-line the deer ended up in open woods only 20 yards away! I could see it was hunched up like it was gut shot and it had one back leg dangling. Taking aim I carefully squeezed off a well aimed shot to finish it off…CLICK…wouldn’t you know it I already used my five shots. By the time I found another clip and got it pushed into my gun the deer was already gone.

Went I checked for a blood trail and found one wide and heavy. As I followed the trail my Brother suddenly piped up with “Wow, this is just like Deer Hunting Demo 2005!” That one stopped me for a couple of seconds. As we went along following the blood trail it remained just as heavy and my confidence in it increased. It just so happened that the trail was leading pretty much in the same direction as I had parked the van. Finally about 40 yards away from the van the deer jumped up from the brush dragging both hind legs. Quickly I snapped off two shots (one would have been more than enough) into its lungs ending the chase. Nice of the deer to shorten the drag to the van. My brother had one more thing to say, “That was fun!” Sounds like he wants to go hunting again next year.

This deer was a bit different skinning out and I think it will be a bit of a trouble when we butcher it for I counted that somewhere from four to six of my seven bullets hit the deer. It would have been nice if my first shot had been just a little better aimed so that it would have hit it in the heart/lungs area which would have given a quicker and more human kill.

Fourth Day Of PA Buck Season

Got home from college today just soon enough to get about 30 minutes of hunting in before dark. I took one of my brothers out with me who just recently turned 12 years old so he is working on getting his first deer. We set up in woods line that connects two patches of larger woods together. We did not see anything, but it was good practice for him for sitting still and getting used to carrying a gun safely.

First Day Of PA Buck Season

This morning was windy, cold, and rainy, but I still made it out for a good bit of the day to hunt. I spent most the morning watching a field. Then I moved into the woods to try driving some deer to some of my family members. Shortly after I entered the woods I jumped one antlerless deer. A little later I heard some brush moving in front of me, so I must have moved another deer, but no one ever saw any deer. At noon time I had to drive to college for my one class that did not cancel today. After class when I was driving home I saw my second antlerless deer of the day–and almost made a hood ornament of it. The late afternoon I spent driving another small patch of woods. For the last bit of light I watched another field until the dying sun would make it to difficult to count points if I were to see a deer.

5th Day of Buck Season: A Great Day

Today I started my day of hunting, by driving a patch of woods. About halfway through the woods, when I stopped for a few seconds to listen, three does jumped out of the edge of the woods and ran up a field. Now I know of where some does might be hiding for the start of doe season tomorrow!

Then tonight, because I was busy I did not make it back out into the woods until 4:30 PM. The spot I wanted to watch tonight was on the edge of a woods line boarding a field. So, after setting up so that I could see a bit of the field and woods at the same time I waited. However, the wait was not long, for not longer than five minutes later I heard the crunch of frozen leaves. Which was followed moments later by a buck.

It was the same deer that I had seen on the second day of the season! Which, also meant I could not shoot it, because of the antler restrictions since it is 6-point. Then as it walked along it started staring at me, so I went into total freeze mode. Soon, I realized why when I started to hear the crunching of frozen leaves again, but this time from behind me. As the deer walked behind me I decided that the non-shooter buck in front of me, would not spook if I moved my head slightly so I could see the other deer slightly, which might be a shooter. Well, I was right about the 6-point spooking, but the deer behind me did not follow my preditction. It took off running leaving me with a 1/8 of a second look at its head that left me with the impression that it was antlerless, however, I may have missed the antlers in that short of a glance. Now buck in front of me, decided the other deer had good sense in vacating the area, so, it to raised its tail and took off running.

Since I still had a little while until quitting time, I decided to stay on despite the spooked deer. Soon it was getting dark enough to the point that I was starting to think of heading home. But then I again heard the rustling of leaves behind me, this time though the sound was that of a lighter animal. Again I turned my head slightly and again the animal spooked. It sure would be nice to have eyes on the back of your head! The small animal turned out to be a fox, which streaked off into the woods about 50 yards away from some of my traps. For a few fleeting moments I waited for the sound a snap from one of my traps, but it did not come.

After a couple more minutes I went home, it had been a good day of hunting, despite the fact that I did not get anything!

Two Does Sighted On 4th Day Of Buck Season

Today was the second to last day of buck season, for Saturday marks the beginning of does season here in 2D, finally!

Since, I still have a few traps out to check, when I checked them today my father suggested that I keep going and make a horse shoe to drive deer back to him. So, after checking my traps (nothing in them) I snuck along a ridge line in the woods, then circled back like I was supposed to. Then as I was walking along a fence row looked ahead and saw two deer a good 300 yards out running as fast as they could. Cracking my scope up to 9X I got on them to see what they were, both antlerless and the one looked like a button buck, maybe.

So, that means at least I shall have deer to hunt, when Saturday comes around, instead having to count points.

My father also saw a deer; that he jumped off its bed as he was finding a place to sit. He, was not able to get a good look at it, but it at least had antlers he said.

Saw Five Deer Today, The Second Day Of Buck Season

Today made up for the lack of deer yesterday! Today I had a total of five deer sightings, most of them accompanied by their white flags.

The first deer I saw was either a six or a five point buck that came by me in the morning presenting wonderful shots more than once as is causally walked along. I think it was taunting me because I am no longer a junior hunter this year and could not shot it, because of the antler restrictions.

The next two deer I saw, were just after the buck came by me. I heard some sounds so I stood up since I was sitting down and turned around and looked back into a field just in time to see two white tails raised up high on the skyline. One of the deer broke left showing me a head, empty of any antlers, the other went down over the hill without showing its head. The lesson learned which I already knew — move SLOWLY even when you think there are no deer watching you.

Then tonight after watching a field until I decided it to be dark to see, but still with a good 20 minutes of shooting time left, I started for home. After coming through a strip of woods I looked over into the dark and just barely made out two white tails waving in the wind going a good 1,000 MPH.

Well, at least I saw deer!