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Final Week Of Pennsylvania Flintlock Season

On the final day of the season I jumped two antlerless deer that were about 150yards away so I passed on that shot. I think the deer were the same two that early on in the week I had jumped about 30 yards away. I tried for a shot that time, but my flint broke so I my gun never went off. That day I also saw two maybe three deer in an area that has solid woods for at least 1/3 mile around. Those deer saw me first though and were a good 200 yards away by the time I saw them.

Even though I am lacking a deer I had a good two weeks of hunting and look forwards to next years rocklock season. It seems like every time you go out you come back with something new learned about the animal’s tracks or habits, so this season was in that sense very successful for me.

First Week Of Pennsylvania Flintlock Season

Well, this first week of PA Rocklock Season has been interesting. The first Saturday I shot at an antlerless deer, but missed. Since last Saturday I have not seen a deer, however, I have been seeing deer tracks most of the days I have been out. One day I even heard a deer when I jumped it from its bed. Its been a cold and snowy week, but quite fun. Hopefully I’ll get another chance at a deer next week.

Third day of muzzleloading season

This evening I took my flintlock out to watch a field, I spooked about a 4-point buck, then towards at 6:30 I saw two antlerless deer come out. I guessed them to be at a long 100yard. Being greedy I aimed for the bigger of the two deer which was also about 10yards farther away. Puff. I picked the touch hole reprimed it then tried again. This time my flint did not make a good spark. On my third try I got a nice BOOM with a big cloud of smoke covering my view. Then I saw one deer going into the woods. Then I saw a second one going more slowly into the woods. After reloading I went and checked the field and woods for blood, but did not see any. I walked the distance off as being 120yards, which might explain the miss. So, I decided that after poking around woods I probably would not see to much more so I started walking for home. About 500yards later and one fence row up I jumped three deer. However, they where to far to identify, definitely to far to shoot at, and running to fast.

First day of muzzleloader season

On the first day of muzzleloader season I ventured out into the rain a little before 7 o’clock with my flintlock rifle. After it was starting time I started still hunting into the woods. About two hours later and 200 yards I saw a deer standing about 75 yards away through the branches watching me. The top of its head was a little hard to see through the branches so I could not identify it as an antlerless deer. So, I held my fire and after a few more seconds it spooked then I saw that it was indeed and antlerless deer, but it was to late to fire. Shortly after it spooked a second deer came into view with its tail up and running. I was not able to tell for sure what the second deer was.

Checked Out a State Gameland Today

Today I decided to check out a State Gameland that is more or less on the way home from where I go to college. Since I have only hunted there once very briefly in the past I have very little knowledge of that gameland, but from what I saw today it looks like it will be a promising place to hunt during the October muzzleloader season. The game land seems to have quite a few trails cut through the woods. The trail I followed today went to a grown up field and right before I reached the field I jumped two maybe three deer. In addition to those deer I saw a few other deer tracks here and there, so it looks like it might be a nice place to hunt.

The Last Day Of Deer Season — A Deer!

The last day of deer season has come and gone and I have a deer!

After hunting on a SGL with no success, my father, brother and I drove to another of our hunting spots. My father decided to do a drive that would hopefully push deer into a small patch of woods by a power line. After dropping my father off, I got into my position on the power line and waited. In about 1/2 hour my father appeared and I had not seen any deer, the drive had failed to produce a deer. However, my father was not done, he walked another small circle into the nearby woods where deer like to lay. Suddenly dashing towards me on the power line was a lone deer! Putting my gun on it I made my now habitual glance for antlers, finding none I clicked the safety off and fired. Just one shot that day is all it took, but added to the last two days it took ten shots to get my deer!

While I am thankful for the deer, it is slightly on the tiny side. It was a button buck, which is a buck in its first year that has not yet grown antlers (so it is antlerless). Its small size should at least make for tender eating.

Deer Season — Fired My Gun Again!

After a long hard day of hunting with my dad, I again got to shoot at a deer.

My father and I were walking back to our car when I saw two deer running in the woods in front of us, so I walked out into the field where I could see while my father walked into the woods. Pretty soon five deer came running out of the woods about 150 yards away. After confirming that the lead deer was antlerless, I proceeded to fire all five bullets that were in my gun at that one deer. However, the deer did not as much flinch as it ran down over the roll in the field out of sight. After pushing a new clip into my gun, I crossed over the roll in to field so I could see the other side. Then there were the deer just standing by a woods line!

My father then walked the deer tracks into the field, past the point where I had shot at the deer. Seeing that he found nothing, I fired off two more shots at the deer as just as they spooked. I walked across the field and checked for blood, nothing. Nine shots in two days, and no deer with one day of hunting left.