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Promising Fox Tracks

For a week or so the weather seemed to have been keeping the fox holed up. But now after the snow storms have retreated leaving behind a foot and then some of snow the fox have ventured out again.

Today when checking my traps I saw tracks of probably two maybe a few more fox. One set of tracks actually walked on the path a cable restraint was on, but it missed being caught in it. Another set of tracks started up a field road towards another cable restraint only to turn back to the woods.

It was very encouraging to see tracks again, but even more so that my cable restraints seem to be in the right area.

I am considering increasing my number of cable restraints from 6 to 18, another catch would probably help me decided in favor of expanding.

Update On My Trapping — More Duke Traps — Fox and Coyote Tracks

So far this season I have caught the fox, I previously posted about, and a possum I caught just last Wednesday. There have been a lot of fox tracks around though so the fox are there. In preparation for deer season I will be pulling most if not all of my traps that way I will not needlessly stir the deer up during the season. Also its not as much fun checking traps in the middle of the night when you are tired from hunting all day. After deer season I want to put out more hay sets for fox and expand my water trapping.

A couple weeks back I added to my collection of traps 1 160 and 6 110 body gripping traps in hopes getting started in water trapping, which I have never done before. I also bought 6 #1 1/2 duke coil spring traps to help make lots of hay sets for fox.

Currently, I have the 160 trap at the end of a slide on a creek bank where I saw raccoon tracks in the snow the other day. The 110s, however, I am having trouble finding muskrat sign to set on. Whether the stream or just the part of the stream I am trapping does not have them, or I just am not seeing their sign I do not know. After deer season I plan on trapping more of the stream, hopefully I will find muskrat sign to set on then.

On a path going through a field I have been noticing mixed among the fox tracks a few larger canine tracks. While, I have never really seen any coyote tracks, in the area where I trap, before I think I might have a coyote to trap judging from the tracks. Either I will have to wait until cable restraint season or buy some bigger traps though, since I have nothing big enough to hold anything, but a small coyote.