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Pennsylvania Fur Sales

For anyone out in Pennsylvania looking for places to sell their fur, the PTA (Pennsylvania Trappers Association) lists their upcoming events, which includes fur auctions here:

The word is that fur prices are down this year, because of the economy. Some say it might be best to freeze hides till prices go up. There is a list of fur prices from district 4 sale that I asked the compiler of the data for permission to post here. The list really illustrates how much prices have gone down from last year, so I hope I will get permission.

The Fur Sale

On the 23 of February I sold all but one of my furs at the district 2 fur sale. I decided to keep the Red Fox hide since it was my first fox.

Heres what I sold and what I got for them:
1 Grey fox = $35
1 raccoon = $5
3 possums = $9 ($3 a piece)

So, I made $49 this year? Not really, because I spent $69 on traps (not counting traps I got for Christmas) and other needed items, also you have to figure in my cost of opportunity. So I really made no money, but I had fun, got tons of exercise and learned lots of things about the animals I trapped.

My Fur season Total

Well, my second trapping season is over. I did better than last year I actually caught something this year!
Using 15 sets (8 steel traps, 7 cable restraints) I caught:
1 Red fox
1 Grey fox
1 raccoon
5 possums

2 rabbits
2 squirrels

On Saturday, I am planning on going to a fur auction to sell my fur. From the prices that I have heard I do not think I am going to break even this year, but maybe with the fur prices rising, in the future I will be able to.