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My First Day Of Spring Turkey Season 2010

While PA Spring Turkey has been in for a little over a week now due to finishing up with the last little bit of this semester’s college work I have not been out any, until today.

After hunting up my mouth call in the refrigerator I made it into the woods this morning around 6:30 AM not exactly before dawn, but hey I was in the woods! The other day I read a turkey hunting story in the Pennsylvania Game News where the guy used the call, listen, then walk technique to locate a gobbler. Not knowing where any particular gobblers where at I decided to follow suit.

Shortly after starting into the woods some movement of a furry body caught my eyes further looking revealed a raccoon! We stared at each other for a while then he ducked down into a hole. The hole, which is right on the line between woods and field, looks a lot like a old groundhog hole. I will have to remember that spot for trapping season. It is not legal to “set traps within five feet of a hole or den, except for underwater sets” (PGC Hunting Digest ), so I can not set a trap right next to the hole, but I can set a trap in that general area.

After watching the raccoon for a while I continued on, going nice and slow. After about two hours of creeping along and not hearing anything I found small semi enclosed field area where I set up a decoy and waited for a while. I stayed there until about 10:0 Am, but never heard a single gobble.

Promising Tracks

Well, today was the first really good day that I have had a chance to see tracks in the snow. As I checked my traps today, I saw many raccoon traps, and one fox track. One of the raccoon tracks went right to an old tree that looks like it is hollowed out, so I moved one of my traps to near that tree. The fox tracks went just inside the woods following the edge of the field by were I have a hay set made.


The next day unfortunately there was nothing in my traps. But I did fine tune where the trap by dead tree was, looking at the tracks I moved it up hill some and a little closer to a tiny stream.

I have a total of three traps that I own and have set, but after seeing all the raccoon tracks I am thinking a buying more traps. I already have at least six+ spots picked out where I would put more traps.