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Sasquatch In A Bag–Bigfoot Has Died

It seems the old Indian legends of Bigfoot have finally been proved with the recent release of Sasquatch Jerky from jerky.com. Now for the low price of $499.99 a bag you can own and eat the of proof that Bigfoot exists. Even the USDA now recognizes the existence of Bigfoot, because the jerky was “inspected and approved by the USDA.”

The jerky is also said to be made from “fresh hormone-free Sasquatch meat” that is “low in calories and high in protein,” which makes it a very healthy choice for your diet! In addition at $62.50 an ounce you are sure to chew your Sasquatch Jerky very slowly, which will cause those wishing to lose a few pounds to drop pounds like lead weights!

Happy April Fools!

I missed a doe by a 1/2 second

In the evening of November the 3rd I sat in my tree stand. Towards sundown I started hearing sounds like some thing coming through the brush in front of me, so I stood up. Then I started hearing what sounded like a squirrel behind me, but when I turned and looked it was a doe. It was walking from behind the tree to the front of the tree, but I must have moved a little when I turned around to look at it, because it kept looking at me. I just held as still as I could and tried to get my bow up when it was not looking. Finally it stopped just a little bit in front of me and stared at me. By then I my bow was pointed at the sky at about 1/4 draw. I decided that the deer would not stand much longer and that I had better just quickly pull the bow back and fire. Well, I got the bow pulled back, but before the front sight pin found the belly of the deer it bolted. Not wanting to take a running shot I did not even try shooting.

A tree stand scouting trip

Today I went out looking at trees for a place to hang a tree stand. I found two possible places but I have only one tree stand, so I guess I will have to choose. One spot is on the edge of a field right by a White Oak tree with acorns all around on the ground. The other spot is on a deer trail (about 75yds or so from the first spot) within sight of a fresh buck rub (the only rub I have seen so far this year). The best thing is that when I was looking at these spots that I spooked out a deer in the brush between these two spots! Although I was not able to see if it had any antlers it was alone making a strong case for it being a buck.

To tie my posts together the two spots I am considering for the tree stand is about 200yds+ (or so as I am not the best at estimation of distant) of where I told about seeing eight bucks in a field.