Remembering the old days buying hunting licenses

Two guys hunched over the counter at Walmart writing madly while the line to get a hunting license continues to grow.

That was a lot of years ago. Back when deer licenses were filled out by hand. This year I went to Walmart and got my license with basically no paperwork and very small amount of waiting. Times change.

Sometimes the old ways guide the future. Ever wonder why we have to fill out the silly paper and put it into the pink envelope for the doe tag? Like a frog boiled alive we go with the flow.

Why two stamps? How many tax payer dollars are spent a year on pink envelopes three or four per person which then in a household of 3 or so hunters means you throw out like 9 envelopes? Why can’t I just auto apply for the antlerless tag when I get my license? Is our system truly laid out with tax payer money and tax payer time in mind?

Yes, I’m complaining a bit. I think the automated system has saved us a lot of time. Well…except for the hour or so a store employee spent on the phone once fixing my license data for next year since apparently none of the game commission qa testers have multiple middle names. Oh and maybe that one time the system was down in a store so I just had to come back anther day. Wonderful technology. That aside we should grow and learn from mistakes.

How much money do tax payers spend on stamps? How much would automating that to even an online system cost?

What is your experience with PA’s license system? What has worked well? What ideas do have that would make it better? Please let me know in the comments below.

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