I missed a doe by a 1/2 second

In the evening of November the 3rd I sat in my tree stand. Towards sundown I started hearing sounds like some thing coming through the brush in front of me, so I stood up. Then I started hearing what sounded like a squirrel behind me, but when I turned and looked it was a doe. It was walking from behind the tree to the front of the tree, but I must have moved a little when I turned around to look at it, because it kept looking at me. I just held as still as I could and tried to get my bow up when it was not looking. Finally it stopped just a little bit in front of me and stared at me. By then I my bow was pointed at the sky at about 1/4 draw. I decided that the deer would not stand much longer and that I had better just quickly pull the bow back and fire. Well, I got the bow pulled back, but before the front sight pin found the belly of the deer it bolted. Not wanting to take a running shot I did not even try shooting.

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