Success in the first week of rifle season

Well, I had a first week of deer season with a lot of walking, but it paid off. On the Friday of the first week I shot a 4 point buck.

I shot the buck on a very steep hill side that has three or four benches on it. I was standing on the highest bench that is right below the top of the hill. My Father and brother were driving the hill side towards me.

As I was standing on the bench, I saw a deer with antlers, walking towards me on the same bench as I was on. As soon I saw it I pulled my gun up on it before it ever saw me. Since I had both my buck tag and my doe tag, I did not bother to confirm it had antlers nor did I bother to count points. I just put the crosshairs on the deer’s chest and fired at it from about 40 yards away. The deer did an instant crash dive down the hill. As it ran down the hill there was to much brush to see it well, but it looked like it tripped on a bush and fell down. Then I saw from behind a tree the deer sticking just its head out. I tried to find the deer in my scope twice; then right before my third try I saw the deer fall over. I walked down the hill to where the deer was, it was still alive but not mobile so I gave it one more bullet to finish it off.

To clarify for anyone wondering I am a junior hunter, (hunting his last year as a junior hunter) other wise I would not have been able to shoot this four point buck by PA law.

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