Crossbows Legal In 2009-10 Archery Deer And Bear Season

When I was browsing the PGC’s website today I found this:


The Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners today gave final approval to expand the lawful use of crossbows to include both the archery deer and bear seasons for the 2009-10 seasons…”

Awhile back I had heard they were going to try to get crossbows approved and now it seems they did. While shooting with a crossbow would probably be more consistent it will still not be quite the same as rifle with a scope, because “magnifying scopes” will be prohibited on bows and crossbows during deer and bear archery seasons.

Another change the board approved was to stop the use of crossbows during muzzleloader season. “…also would remove the lawful use of crossbows during the October muzzleloader or late flintlock muzzleloader season…”

The full article and more detailed information can be found on the PGC’s site here.

2 thoughts on “Crossbows Legal In 2009-10 Archery Deer And Bear Season

  1. Nice Blog. I trapped as a kid and didn’t enjoy it that much. I wish I had the chance to do some trapping now. I really miss it. I hunt and fish in Northern Japan. They also have trapping there. I think I may try and persue a license when I return. I have added your blog to my page. Looking forward to your posts.

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