Got out rabbit hunting

I took my dog out rabbit hunting, she jumped out a rabbit two different times for me to shoot. I carried a Remington 870 16 gauge shot gun. The smaller rabbit I actually did not think I hit, but my dog found it partially hidden under the leaves for me. That is one aspect of hunting with a rabbit dog that I had never really thought about before. I was glad to have her so that the meat did not go to waste.

The larger rabbit I shot twice rolling it. Then later on in the day when the smaller rabbit jumped out of a woods line, safety off, I fired, it swerved back towards the woods, safety on, it swerved back out, safety off, fired, back into the woods, safety on. That was probably on of the more interesting hunting shots I have every made with the safety going on/off some many times and some how I even managed to get the rabbit!

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