Making Pre-Lubricated Patches For Shooting Round-balls

Instead of buying pre-lubricated patches for shooting round balls I make my own. Pillow ticking seems to be just about the correct thickness and is mostly 100% cotton (check the label just to be sure so it will not be melting down your bore). I buy my pillowing ticking from Walmart by the yard. I cut my patches square instead of round like some pre-lubed patches you can buy. Most experienced muzzleloader shooters will tell you that round or square the patches shoot the same, but if you really want to make it perfect you should cut your patches at the muzzle. The patches need to be cut big enough that the round ball is in contact with the patching on all sides, however, since it can be hard to line the ball up perfectly on the patch it is wise to cut your patches slightly larger. (Press continue reading.)

After cutting patches make small stacks of them.

I pre-lubricate my patches in a melted lubricant. While I use Crico, many other lubricants could be applied this way. Some other lubricants you might use are bore butter or some homemade concoction which mostly uses beeswax. Notice how I have the tuna fish can setting in a pan of water this keeps you from catching the lubricant on fire.

After the patches are completely soaked I take them out with two forks and squeeze out the extra. After setting for a few minutes I take them in my hand and squeeze them really good. I find that squeezing them allows just enough lubricant for the gun, but not so much that you become butter fingers when shooting.

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