Went to Cabela’s Today

Today my family drove down to visit the Cabela’s store in Wheeling, West Virginia. I did not buy anything, but I still think it was worth the trip down just to see it.

They have a very nice fish aquarium with many different types fish like bass, catfish, sunfish, and turtles among many others. They also had a very nice decorations for the tanks with trees and even a sunken row boat.

When it comes to their animal mounts it was very impressive–they had a very large room devoted entirely to head and full body deer mounts. In addition, they have a slightly smaller room with a collection of African full body game mounts; included an elephant. Somehow even though I have seen live elephants at the zoo I never really saw how huge they really are! And the Cape Buffalo, they have such a broad chest! To some extent I think it was better than going to a zoo, since I was able to get so close to these monsters. Finally, in the center of the store they have a mountain set up with more deer, goats, bear, and raccoon among others.

I spent most of my visit staring at the stuffed animals, but I did glance around the store itself some. They seem to have a dazzling array of products, but I was a little disappointed in their muzzleloader accessories collection I think a very small sporting goods store not far from me has as good or better selection. As to muzzleloading guns they did seem to have quite a few sidelocks even a Brown Bess.

All in all I had fun and enjoyed the visit.

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