Cooperstown Trading Post Ltd.

I visited Cooperstown Trading Post the other day to find some parts for a muzzleloader I am building. The store had a surprisingly large inventory of parts for gun building despite its small size. There were also quite a few muzzleloaders for sale both production and custom, some of which the owner build himself.  One of the parts I was looking for was a butt plate, which the owner helped me find a few different options for. He even found a CVA trigger guard for my gun which is an old CVA Frontier kit with a bunch on missing parts. I was surprised at the selection of parts he had and his low prices. He charged me about $8 dollars for the trigger guard which would be about $20 on ebay. There was pretty much everything needed in that store for building a traditional long rifle, which I might someday take advantage of and build a real long rifle.

Cooperstown Trading Post Ltd.
515 Steiner Bridge Road | Valencia Pa 16059
412.670.0141 (office) | 724.586.7220 (home)

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