8th Day Of Pennsylvania Flintlock Muzzleloader Season

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A local produce farmer gave me permission to hunt out of his tree-stand. He said that often an eight point and a few does had been seen in that area.

So, that evening I went to his tree-stand for an evening hunt at around 3:30pm. It was cold up there in the tree-stand. I was facing west and there was a snow storm pelting me with snow in my face. Typically I do not use heat packs such as Heat Max Hand Warmers, but my hands were getting so numb that I was afraid I would have trouble getting out of the tree stand. So, I opened up a foot warmer that I had. Some of the foot heat packs are the same as the hand heat packs so if one is on sale it makes no difference to me. It warmed my hands up nice and allowed me to stay in the stand until evening. However, I never saw any deer. The farmer told me later that it was unusual not to see any deer from that stand. Maybe they were waiting the storm out.

Backpacker.com has a tip that might be useful if you were hunting in a tree stand and hand numb hands, but no heat pack. This article says to “Briskly rotate your arms windmill-style, and quickly swing each leg forward and back.” Its probably going to scare the deer away, but it would be better then losing a finger or falling when you climb down.

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