Uberti Remington 1875 Replica — Replacing Ejector Pin

Remington 1875 Replica

The other day on my Remington 1875 replica the ejector pin snapped off the ejector handle. I was only able to find that part for this gun two places online: vtigunparts.com and taylorsfirearms.com It turns out that taylorsfirearms was about $4 cheaper and the shipping was the same so I bought it from them.

Sadly, neither stores sold a nickle plated version of the ejector rod/nut so now my gun has a black one. I also replaced my main cylinder pin because of a mod I did a while back to make it easier to come out, which ended up making it too easy to come out in the long run.

Above the gun is leaning on my case of Winchester gunsmithing punches. They came in handy because of the nylon punches which took good care of the finish.

Really the black does not look too bad.

A couple handy tips I learned while replacing these parts.

The underrib under the barrel gave me the hard time coming off. The secret is that there is a pin that enters the frame of the gun in parallel to the barrel. So to remove the underrib you have to first unscreen the screw at the point of the underrib then you have to gently tap downwards on it away from the frame until you can wedge a screw driver in there to pry it out the rest of the way.

The second thing I learned is that my Craftsman impact driver could work very nicly to break screws lose. Originally, when I first took the screw out of the underrib I remember having a very hard time with it. I’ve seen a gunsmithing tool that is a screw driver you tap with a hammer I’m thinking that the impact driver if used very carefully could work just as well.

Other than the finish the fit of the parts from TayorsFirearms was pretty good. I did notice the cylinder pin was a tiny bit shorter and the fingernail catch at the end was smaller. Right now though it seems to work fine. I do worry though that I will have troubles getting it out, without a screwdriver to pry on it, after putting some rounds of blackpowder through the gun again. If it gets to be super hard to get out I might take it out and put in the old pin some day. We will see how it goes.

The time it took for me two do the job was about 45 minutes to disassemble and maybe 30 minutes to put back together. I’ve had the gun apart a few times though so I pretty much knew what I was doing and I also had all of the screws already broke free. On the otherhand, I was enjoying myself and was not in a rush.

Well, hopefully I get in some shooting this weekend.

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