A very successful scouting trip

Since archery season is fast approaching I decided to go out scouting for deer. So I grabbed my camera, put on camo, and sprayed on some sent killer.
I went to the knoll on a field where a few days earlier I had seen a herd of deer. Then at about 8:20 ish I heard some trigs snapping in the fence row behind me and to the left. Out came not one, not two, not, three, but SIX bucks. As they came out one by one, they started munching on the soy beans.

While I can not say for sure how many points all of them had I think that around three or four of them were in the six point range. With a few being from two through five points.
Then as the last deer came out of the fence row he took the time to look at me before he went into the soy beans, he must have seen some thing he did not like because he and the other deer took off for the other side of the field. They stopped there and continued to eat the soy beans, I guess the never completely recognized what I was.

By this time it was getting pretty late and I was ready to go home, so I started slowly backing up the opposite direction as the deer were. I did this for about ten yards, then I got the bright idea of turning around to look behind me to see where I was going. So, not wanting to spook the deer any more, I turned slowly around.

I got a very nice surprise for there was standing about twenty yards away from me was an nine point buck. He was just standing there watching me, I got my camera on him expecting him to bolt, but he did not. I set up my mini tripod on the ground with my camera on it. But by that time the deer started walking away lazily eating soy beans. Then ANOTHER buck walked out into the field this time it was an seven point. With my camera on the tripod I turned on the ten second timer (so that the camera would not shake any when it when off). Those ten seconds were a very long ten seconds, all the while the deer was pounding on the ground with his hooves (the picture that my camera finally took is the picture at the top of the page). After I took the picture I started taking video with my camera. Each time the deer’s hooves slammed into the ground he came a little closer to me. About this time I started remembering all the news stories that I have heard about deer attacking people. I figured I would have a really great video any ways if the deer did attack me. The deer must have finally seen me picking up some stones ( I was getting very close to throwing them at it to scare him away), so then he just let out a big snort, and bolted back into the fence row.

The nine point after hearing the snort looked up and walked to where he could see me. He looked around wondering why the other deer spoked. Then he just walked off into the fence row.

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