A tree stand scouting trip

Today I went out looking at trees for a place to hang a tree stand. I found two possible places but I have only one tree stand, so I guess I will have to choose. One spot is on the edge of a field right by a White Oak tree with acorns all around on the ground. The other spot is on a deer trail (about 75yds or so from the first spot) within sight of a fresh buck rub (the only rub I have seen so far this year). The best thing is that when I was looking at these spots that I spooked out a deer in the brush between these two spots! Although I was not able to see if it had any antlers it was alone making a strong case for it being a buck.

To tie my posts together the two spots I am considering for the tree stand is about 200yds+ (or so as I am not the best at estimation of distant) of where I told about seeing eight bucks in a field.

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