The First Day

Well, last Saturday (sept 29) was the first day of archery season. So I dragged myself out of bed a 5:10 AM, ate a bowl of corn checks and started the long walk. When I say long walk I do not mean 100 yards I mean a little OVER 1/2 mile. As I walked into a field, the same field as the one I saw the deer in the previous post, I saw the silhouettes of two “things” up above me in the moon light. While I have no idea of what these two silhouettes where they very well may have been two deer.

So I continued on walking through the field to my tree stand. After walking past the tail in the woods leading to my tree stand, I crashed through the brush to find the trail. After finding the trail by moon light and an LED flash light, I soon came to my tree stand and safely got into it in the dark. Now in my tree stand and starting time just about there I was all set for the deer to come. If only I had not alerted all the deer in a 20 mile radius by crashing through the brush.

As day light came I saw a either a raccoon or a porcupine walking along. Then I saw millions of robins playing in the trees flying back an forth from tree to tree. Then a little before 11:00 AM my cellphone rang, good thing I had it on vibrate, of course not wanting to talk and scare all of the deer away I did not answer. It was my Mother I later found out wanting to see if I was all right and not lying dead on the ground because I caught pneumonia and fell out of my tree stand.

Since it was getting towards noon time I decided to come down and go home.

I went out again in the evening, but all I saw was a ground hog. I saw another hunter to who stood up right in front of me. Wow does camo work good I never even saw him tell he moved!

Well, I despite not really seeing any deer I had a good first day of archery hunting. Maybe I’ll get some thing some other day!

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