A Grey Fox with a Cable Restraint

I have caught another fox, this time with a cable restraint. While it was still alive as it should be with cable restraints. The fox had tangled some grass in the swivel of the cable restraint so it had the cable all twisted up – almost choking it. If I ever make my own cable restraints I will have to put two swivels in them to keep this from happening.

Looking at the cable restraints and seeing what they do, and seeing what steel traps do to animals when they get caught; I think I would rather my dog to get caught in a properly set cable restraint opposed to a steel trap. I hope that game laws in PA are passed to expand the use of cable restraints for other animals (currently they can only be used for fox and coyotes) and for more of the trapping season (currently cable restraint season start the 1st of January).

4 thoughts on “A Grey Fox with a Cable Restraint

  1. That’s a really beautiful fox and I’m wondering right now what happened to it? Your “hunting” but i still hope you didn’t kill it.

  2. In answer to what showers said, yes, I did kill the fox. I have spent a lot of money on traps and other items I need to trap — some where around $69 not counting another $30 for the traps I got for Christmas. So this year after I sold my fur I still lost about $20. When I sold this fox I got $30 for him, so as you can see without him I would have lost a good bit more money. While I am not trapping for the money, it is still nice to break even or at least come close to it.

  3. Really exciting walking up to your setups and see you have outwitted your prey. Just started this year with cable restraints. So far this year have got two coons, footholds and one grey fox in my own set. Have a friend of mine help me with looking for where to make my sets, he is really good, already has 3 coyotes this year. It is also a good way to get my younger guy involved, he loves it. Can't wait to go check our sets.

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