Almost a fox

Last Sunday when I visited one of my dirt hole trap sets I found the trap set off. The pieces of wood I had used as a backing were all chewed up, and there was K9 manure right by the set, but no animal in the trap. Judging from the evidence I had a fox caught in the trap for quite a few hours, if only I had checked the trap at 6 AM instead of 2 PM.

Yesterday when I checked this trap I saw tracks in the snow that I believe to be fox going to the back of the trap set; then around to the front — missing the trap pan by about two inches. After seeing the tracks I moved one of my other traps ( I had caught two possums and one rabbit in this trap, not exactly what I was trying to catch) to the back of the set. I have heard that trap wise animals will come over the top of the set so hopefully I will get another chance at the that fox I caught.

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