A turkey but not a Gobbler

Well, I Finally saw a turkey last Saturday, but before I get to that allow me explain the cat picture. This is Coconut my cat, She is a great mouse and chipmunk hunter, but most of the time She just hunts the food in her dish. But last Saturday morning She decided to take up bigger game — turkeys.

When I exited my house on Saturday morning and started into some woods where Coconut met me. I reached down and gave her head a quick scratch, but as I walked on she started following me. All the way though the patch of woods and through a field to a pine tree which I set up under. Coconut sat down on opposite side of the tree, and stayed there with me the whole time through all the rain. I did at least hear a few gobbles, but they were way out in the distance.

After going back to the house and eating breakfast and getting dried out, I went back out (minus my furry friend) to the area were I thought the gobbles might have been coming from. As I was walking through a swampy area (not more than 100 yards away from where I got my Grey fox) a turkey suddenly jumped up just three steps away from me and flew off. Of course it made sure to keep its body facing away from me so as to not allow me to identify whether or not it had a beard. Looking down I saw a nest with about nine or so speckled eggs in it. Since there was no reason to try calling the turkey in after seeing the nest I moved on to the next hilltop.

Despite the fact that I did not get to see a gobbler, I had an excellent hunting day. It was the first time I have ever seen a wild turkey nest before, and it had to be the closest I have ever been to a live wild turkey before too.

Today I went out hunting again in the field above where the hen is nesting (I figure there has to be a tom around there some where), but I never heard anything. Maybe today was just one of those days when they just do not gobble any.

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