Seeing and hearing turkeys

Well, the past to days have been good hunting days compared to the rest of turkey season.

Yesterday morning when I was walking through a field, I looked ahead of me and saw three red necks sticking out of the grass, at about 100 yards away from me, and running fast. So I set up in the field hiding in the edge of some tall grass with my decoy out in front of me in the open. After waiting awhile I did some calling with both my box call and mouth call, but to no avail. I heard no answering gobble nor did I see anymore turkeys.

This morning I went out into the same field, but this time I stayed in the woods by the field moving very slowly and calling as I went. After setting up at a couple different trees I found a tree with a nice view. After sitting there for awhile, I heard what I think might have been a turkey shock gobbling at some crows in the distance. Then right after that there was a gobble in close — closer than all season. He sounding like he was around 300 yards away (kind of hard to tell though). I tried calling some, but he never answered. Later on in the morning I heard a couple of really distant gobble in a walkable direction. So I started walking that direction some so that I could get in close enough for the turkey to have a chance to get to me by noon time. The turkey never gobbled again though, so I just sat a by a tree to decided where to go next with about 1 1/2 hours left till noon. Suddenly this deer came running out of a fence row, and into the woods in front of me. Next time I called the deer came out from behind a tree about 20 yards away from me. It focused all it’s eye and ear power on me for an instant then bonded off with a snort. It kind of surprised that it was able to identify me in such a short time (unless it had caught a good smell of me), because I was dressed in full camouflage except for an orange hat. Hmm, maybe deer are not color blind after all!

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