Sasquatch In A Bag–Bigfoot Has Died

It seems the old Indian legends of Bigfoot have finally been proved with the recent release of Sasquatch Jerky from Now for the low price of $499.99 a bag you can own and eat the of proof that Bigfoot exists. Even the USDA now recognizes the existence of Bigfoot, because the jerky was “inspected and approved by the USDA.”

The jerky is also said to be made from “fresh hormone-free Sasquatch meat” that is “low in calories and high in protein,” which makes it a very healthy choice for your diet! In addition at $62.50 an ounce you are sure to chew your Sasquatch Jerky very slowly, which will cause those wishing to lose a few pounds to drop pounds like lead weights!

Happy April Fools!

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