Third day of muzzleloading season

This evening I took my flintlock out to watch a field, I spooked about a 4-point buck, then towards at 6:30 I saw two antlerless deer come out. I guessed them to be at a long 100yard. Being greedy I aimed for the bigger of the two deer which was also about 10yards farther away. Puff. I picked the touch hole reprimed it then tried again. This time my flint did not make a good spark. On my third try I got a nice BOOM with a big cloud of smoke covering my view. Then I saw one deer going into the woods. Then I saw a second one going more slowly into the woods. After reloading I went and checked the field and woods for blood, but did not see any. I walked the distance off as being 120yards, which might explain the miss. So, I decided that after poking around woods I probably would not see to much more so I started walking for home. About 500yards later and one fence row up I jumped three deer. However, they where to far to identify, definitely to far to shoot at, and running to fast.

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