Dog Shoots Owner In Back While Hunting

According to an article on United Press International’s website a California duck hunter was shot in the back. The dog accidentally discharged the shotgun while the hunter went to retrieve some duck decoys. The No. 2 shot traveled 15 feet striking the hunter in the upper left back. The Merced County Sheriff’s office said that the hunter has been treated and released from the Los Banos Memorial Hospital.

This is funny to think about that the dog would some how randomly fire the guy’s shotgun when it just happened to be pointing at the hunter, but I think there is a very important safety lesson to be learned here. That is to treat any gun as if it might go off at any time. On a forum where I first heard about this many of the users on there were telling about other occurrences where a hunting dog had accidentally fired a loaded gun that was put on the ground. So, I think it would be wise to be extra cautious when handling guns around dogs.

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