Target Shooting With CVA Trophy Hunter III

Today I did some target shooting with my muzzleloader. I am still trying to work up the best load for a round ball with my gun, but this is one of the better groups I shot today. This five shot group was shot at 50 yards using a .490 Cast Round Ball, square cut pillow ticking lubed in crisco, and 50 grains of 2F black powder.

For comparison this is another 5 shot group I shot the other day using the same load combination except for only 30 grains of 2F black powder.

And here is what happened when I increased that 30 grain load to a 40 grain load. As you can see the group opened up a lot (the fifth shot is all the way on the left).

The targets I used were from where they offer free targets. The target used here was their Bullseye Target With 1″ Line Spacing.

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