3rd Fox Of The Season — A Red Fox!

The hay set is a really great set! This is my 3rd fox of this trapping season which breaks my record of two in one season which I set last year. This fox weighed in at 6 pounds, a little on the light side.

Last time it had snowed, I saw a lot of fox tracks on a trail running through a field. On this same trail earlier on in the year I saw a lot of droppings so I decided to give the hay set a try. After the set was ran over by a truck then another day being set off with no animal; I then made a catch the very day after I remade the set.

While I do not do it often, checking traps at night can be done and this was one of those times when I did check my traps at night. However, by the time I had walked most of my line my batteries in my flashlight were going dead. So, I ended up shooting at it three times in the dying light of my flashlight before I gave up and called back home for another flash light. The lesson learned–carry a spare battery.

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