Second Fox Of The Season — A Grey Fox

Now that deer season is over, I am starting to put out more sets and “freshen” up the existing sets that I ran during deer season. Last Friday, after it stopped raining, I went out and re-scented all my hay sets. The next day, I caught this in one of those hay sets!

The hay set that caught this fox was set about 25 yards away from where I caught the other Grey Fox earlier in the season.

A hay set normally uses two traps, which as can be seen by the picture above is the case in this set. The fox actually managed to get himself caught in both of the traps.

The picture below is not of the set I took this fox in, but it is a picture of a hay set like it would have looked. This particular hay set, is at a “four way intersection” which makes the chances of a fox happening by greater.

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