The Last Day Of Deer Season — A Deer!

The last day of deer season has come and gone and I have a deer!

After hunting on a SGL with no success, my father, brother and I drove to another of our hunting spots. My father decided to do a drive that would hopefully push deer into a small patch of woods by a power line. After dropping my father off, I got into my position on the power line and waited. In about 1/2 hour my father appeared and I had not seen any deer, the drive had failed to produce a deer. However, my father was not done, he walked another small circle into the nearby woods where deer like to lay. Suddenly dashing towards me on the power line was a lone deer! Putting my gun on it I made my now habitual glance for antlers, finding none I clicked the safety off and fired. Just one shot that day is all it took, but added to the last two days it took ten shots to get my deer!

While I am thankful for the deer, it is slightly on the tiny side. It was a button buck, which is a buck in its first year that has not yet grown antlers (so it is antlerless). Its small size should at least make for tender eating.

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