Deer Season — Fired My Gun Again!

After a long hard day of hunting with my dad, I again got to shoot at a deer.

My father and I were walking back to our car when I saw two deer running in the woods in front of us, so I walked out into the field where I could see while my father walked into the woods. Pretty soon five deer came running out of the woods about 150 yards away. After confirming that the lead deer was antlerless, I proceeded to fire all five bullets that were in my gun at that one deer. However, the deer did not as much flinch as it ran down over the roll in the field out of sight. After pushing a new clip into my gun, I crossed over the roll in to field so I could see the other side. Then there were the deer just standing by a woods line!

My father then walked the deer tracks into the field, past the point where I had shot at the deer. Seeing that he found nothing, I fired off two more shots at the deer as just as they spooked. I walked across the field and checked for blood, nothing. Nine shots in two days, and no deer with one day of hunting left.

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