Deer season — Finaly Fired My Gun — But No Deer

Today, after nine long days of hunting I finally fired my 30-06.

Today my Father and one of my brothers and I took turns driving a section of woods today. While in the woods we saw a lot deer sign, but no deer. After had finish driving the woods and were thoroughly soak from the rain, my Father decided to walk with my Brother through a brushed over field while I watched from the wooded hill side above. About twenty yards into the field a single deer jumped out and started running towards me, quartering away. A quick glance with my eyes gave me a 35% assurance that it was antlerless, so I looked at it through my rain filled scope to get be 100% sure of its lack of antlers. In the time of the 1/2 a second look, the deer ran about 3/4 of the way to the woods where it would be safe. After making sure that it was antlerless, since it was one deer by itself, I released a 150 grain bullet from my 30-06, while looking past the rain in my scope. The deer, however, did not respond and kept running. Just as I chambered a new round the deer then reached the brush line of the woods, allowing me to get one more shot off at it.

We then, checked where the deer had been and followed its tracks in the mud for 100 yards are so, but did not find any blood or any indication of a hit. The tracks seemed to be that of a tiny sized deer, so hopefully the deer can safely hide for a couple more days, so it can live to grow bigger.

Well, I still have two days of hunting left in the season, so I’ll keep trying!

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