Saw Five Deer Today, The Second Day Of Buck Season

Today made up for the lack of deer yesterday! Today I had a total of five deer sightings, most of them accompanied by their white flags.

The first deer I saw was either a six or a five point buck that came by me in the morning presenting wonderful shots more than once as is causally walked along. I think it was taunting me because I am no longer a junior hunter this year and could not shot it, because of the antler restrictions.

The next two deer I saw, were just after the buck came by me. I heard some sounds so I stood up since I was sitting down and turned around and looked back into a field just in time to see two white tails raised up high on the skyline. One of the deer broke left showing me a head, empty of any antlers, the other went down over the hill without showing its head. The lesson learned which I already knew — move SLOWLY even when you think there are no deer watching you.

Then tonight after watching a field until I decided it to be dark to see, but still with a good 20 minutes of shooting time left, I started for home. After coming through a strip of woods I looked over into the dark and just barely made out two white tails waving in the wind going a good 1,000 MPH.

Well, at least I saw deer!

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