Two Does Sighted On 4th Day Of Buck Season

Today was the second to last day of buck season, for Saturday marks the beginning of does season here in 2D, finally!

Since, I still have a few traps out to check, when I checked them today my father suggested that I keep going and make a horse shoe to drive deer back to him. So, after checking my traps (nothing in them) I snuck along a ridge line in the woods, then circled back like I was supposed to. Then as I was walking along a fence row looked ahead and saw two deer a good 300 yards out running as fast as they could. Cracking my scope up to 9X I got on them to see what they were, both antlerless and the one looked like a button buck, maybe.

So, that means at least I shall have deer to hunt, when Saturday comes around, instead having to count points.

My father also saw a deer; that he jumped off its bed as he was finding a place to sit. He, was not able to get a good look at it, but it at least had antlers he said.

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